Palm Art is created from cast-off material of the cocos plumosus palm trees in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The main part of the pod is a five-foot long piece that delivers the bright yellow cascade of dates. The elegant shapes of these pods and the rich interior colors were the main attractions that led me to create art from them. The first experiments in the medium were with the single vertical standing pods with various finishes and adornments. The freestanding triplets or tripods and the four-legged varieties followed.

Each pod exhibits an individual “personality” that often will suggest to me a special treatment or will contrast or complement others to create unique ensembles. The wood of the pod is light-weight but very durable. Once the pod is harvested and finished either with paint or polyurethane, it will maintain its shape and withstand outdoor exposure for a very long time. Eventually, however, nature will take its course and, as with all nature-based art, the PalmArt structures will return to the earth.





Carl Seale • McAllen • Texas